Customer Support Gets A Hard Time
Kristina Rose is having a tough time dealing with one of her irate customers, and he calls her names over the phone when he gets frustrated. She storms over to his house to give him a talking to, but they're both so heated up that he ends up apologizing and she can't wait to provide much better "service" when she feels the throbbing bulge in his pants. She's happy to discover that while he may be a jerk over the phone, his cock is enormous and it'll more than make up for his rude behavior when he slams her juicy, aching pussy!
Going The Extra Mile
Mackenzie Miles is called out to help Bruno with his malfunctioning television. She shows up very eager to get his problems in order but not surprisingly, working for Nerd Hard, she's a bit of a nympho and is really only concerned with fixing the malfunction in his pants by offering some stress relief. She discovers he's fully functional once she wraps her lips around his throbbing pole and he's so happy with her service that he pays her back by slamming his meat deep into her aching snatch!


Handling Customer Complaints
Jayden Jaymes has just started working for Nerd Hard and is called in to handle a dissatisfied customer who didn't have his TV hooked up properly by the last Nerd Hard girl. He's got a plan though, setting up a hidden camera to catch all the action when he threatens to call her boss and get her fired if she doesn't fix what went wrong.
A Lesson In Troubleshooting
Nick Manning is throwing a spazz because his model is late for the porn shoot and his computer isn't working, so he calls Nerd Hard. They send over the smokin' hot Riley Evans, and she screws up Nick's computer, so in order to make up for it she does some modeling for him, then tries to alleviate his stress by screwing with him too!
Nailing Newbs
Heather calls in sick for the third time in a month and her employers are starting to wonder why and send someone to see if she's faking so she can feed her addiction to video games. Well, they're right, but luckily for the guy they send, she's also addicted to cock and can't keep his out of her mouth and pussy!
Hardcore Gamer Goes Hardcore
Juelz is a bit obsessed with online gaming and goes haywire when it isn't working out for her, so her boyfriend offers to check into her issues. He graciously inserts his big hard drive into her slot, and it gets her system seriously overheated!